Living Your Faith

Bible Study

How do we respond when a loved one receives an uncertain medical diagnosis?  How do we know that we are hearing from God when we are being led down an unfamiliar path? 

These are just some of the questions explored in Living Your Faith, a 3-week Bible Study series from Be The Match that shares the stories of Christians whose lives have been transformed by marrow or blood stem cell transplant. Their stories illustrate how believing God’s word in difficult times can strengthen your faith and lead to a blessing. Through this series, we invite you to contemplate ways you may be called to live your faith.  

Contance’s Testimony

Lesson 1: Can You Hear Me Now?

God speaks to us in different ways. Learn how God spoke to people in the Bible and consider if He is speaking to you now. 

Lesson 2: Faith in Action!

This lesson is all about the benefits of exercising your faith, especially in the darkest and most challenging times of our lives. 

Jermaine’s Testimony

Indria’s Testimony

Lesson 3: Grace vs. Works: Work it Out!

Why we do what we do, matters to God. God’s grace and love must be our motivation for all we say and do for our works to be acceptable to him.

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